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Alachua like much of other parts of Florida is blessed with incredible natural beauty. The area has always been an active player in the evolution of life on the North America continent and is replete with landmarks of history. Growth and development are integral to towns such as Alachua as people arrive come here in large numbers in search of quality vacations or even permanent residence. It is tempting to replace vintage and timeless parts of the town and countryside to accommodate new structures and zones as demands on infrastructure grow. However Alachua is a caring town and guards its treasures with zeal. The Scenic Roads program protects monuments and drives through the best paths in the area surrounding the town. Some 6 roads are now under the shelter of this innovative scheme and more nominations are expected from citizens. It is a striking example of Alachua's dedication to its environment and its concerted appreciation for the invaluable assets with which it is gifted.

Hurricanes are an inevitable part of Alachua life and the town administration exhibits clear professionalism in managing this summer phenomenon. Sandbag staging locations are strategically placed. There are detailed contingency plans for pet shelters, garbage collection and to keep people informed of road closures. Alachua deals with threats to the town with the same optimism that it displays in protecting its assets.

Alachua's indomitable spirit extends to business in town. The Alachua Business League Incorporated helps newcomers establish their enterprises and provides a forum for members to get useful inputs from experts and to get to know each other well. The league also serves as a bridge to the lay community and to local authorities. Alachua's Chamber of Commerce operates in the same vein as the Business League. It extends its activities to sports and social events for members.

A key place in Alachua that speaks volumes for the personality of the town and values of its people is the Retirement Home for Horses. This is sited at the Mill Creek Farm and provides shelter for old horses retired from Police service, circuses and also some rescued by humane bodies.

The Plantation Oaks Golf Club is one of Alachua's top attractions. The 18-hole course set amongst trees, some of which are 100 years old, is a visual delight, apart from the sporting challenge and the exercise. The neighboring woods are rich with wildlife and the Club now has a 9-hole par 3 course as well. The Bar and Grille has 2 large TV screens to keep company with the refreshments and there are splendid views of both courses.

Alachua is rather sparsely populated area with just about 6 thousand residents in a place spread over almost 45 miles. Almost 30% of the population is black. The median household income is marginally below the national average, but more than a quarter of all residents have college degrees. Alachua has 2 Elementary Schools, Middle and a High School. The latter has a Magnet Program for Veterinary Science. It is clearly a town with a wonderful future.

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