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The Sunshine State has developed the reputation of being one of the top places to retire in the United States. While it may be true much of the population is made up of elderly residents, Florida has a lot to offer everyone. Whether you are looking for a place to retire, to settle with your family, or enjoy your youth, you will find exactly what your are looking for in sunny Florida.

One of the top reasons to move down to Florida is the weather. With an average of 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, the state has a mild, sunny climate all year long. While Winter can bring some chillier whether, Northerners do not have to worry about encountering the amount of snowfall they are used to. Many regions of Florida do not even see flurries.

Florida is also one of the seven states that do not have a state income tax. This is great because it means more of what you earn goes into your pocket. In addition, this state has other two positive financial aspects- One, you can rent apartments there for much cheaper than the country's average rental rate. Two, the cost of living is incredibly affordable, especially when compared to New York and California. Gas is also less expensive in Florida.

Another great feature of living in Florida is all the different activities to do. For families and all those young at heart, you have Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World. With multiple beaches including Miami, Daytona, and the Florida Keys, you will never be far from the sandy coast. The Grand Bahama Island is also just a short boat ride away. You also have an endless stream of nightclubs, gold courses, sporting events, and outdoor activities. What is great about Florida is that in six hours or less, you can reach almost any destination spot in the state, which means no more road trips with screaming kids or annoying roommates that last for days.

Many people claim that stress stops at the border of Florida; that may not be true, but it is hard to get stressed with day after day of sunshine. With the various businesses located there, it will not be hard to find work if you are willing to look. While you may not be able to live the glamorous life of a burned spy, relocating to Florida does offer you an affordable lifestyle with a beautiful backdrop.

Living in the State of Florida is a breeze. If you are accustomed to living elsewhere in the United States, especially areas like California and New York where costs are at the highest in the nation, Florida living will seem almost too easy. Weather is great and it is a great place to retire.

Play golf, fish, boat year round. Real-estate is reasonable, no income tax, Cost of living is not all that bad compared to other states and it lacks the aggressive atmosphere you might be used to. The people seem much more relaxed and calm compared to other states where day to day responsibilities take priority, especially for small families and younger couples trying to buy homes.

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