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The demographics of Bartow are not especially impressive, but the town gives strong signals to families and to enterprises that it has a wonderful future. Bartow is in Polk County and was established in the middle of the 19 th century, in land that Seminole Indians had inhabited for centuries earlier. Named after a famous Confederate General, the town has excellent weather around the year, acres of citrus orchards and plentiful livestock and dairies. It is one of the world's most significant centers of phosphate production and continues to be a hub of income and job generating industries.

Bartow is a wonderful place to raise a family and to live. There are 4 Elementary and 2 Middle Schools in the area. The High School has an International Program for children of exceptional scholastic attitude. There are excellent facilities for technical studies and for adult education. The Bartow Public Library has over 70 thousand print resources, apart from multi-media resources and attracts more than a million visits a year.

Though a third of Bartow's adults have not completed High School, most town children are now enrolled and on the high road to a literate haven. Medical Care is always a top parameter to choose a place for a residence, and Bartow excels in this respect. The Bartow Regional Medical Center offers modern and comprehensive healthcare not just to town residents but for the surrounding population as well. Bartow also has a rehabilitation center. The Rohr Home is a private nursing home, rated highly by the State of Florida.

Bartow has excellent infrastructure for suburban town life. Most denominations are represented amongst the city's 37 Churches and no less than 5 major shopping centers compete to serve residents and people from surrounding areas. The Bartow Golf Course has a Bar and Grill to go with interesting challenges over its 18 holes. Newcomers appreciate the facilities for lessons. The surroundings suit walkers as well and the course authorities welcome them with as much enthusiasm as regular golfers. The wetlands around the Peace River have outstanding possibilities for outdoor recreation at no cost.

Arby's, Perkins, Subway, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell are a few of the famous dining and restaurant chains that have outlets in Bartow. There are many small diners and family-run local places to choose for a meal. The Great Wall of Chinese Restaurant is a part of ethnic food choices in town. Bartow has a pleasant and erudite cultural life through an Art Guild. The Imperial Orchestra that is based here uses the pleasant weather for performances and shows all year round. The Lakeland-Winter Haven metro area is nearby for people who want more adventure and excitement by way of nightlife.

Bartow's charming attractions come with loads of economy. Housing is relatively affordable in Bartow with a median home value below $ 50 thousand and recurring costs exclusive of mortgage at less than $ 300. The median household income at over $ 38 thousand is close to the national average. About 15 thousand people live in Bartow and the average age is 38 years. A third of the people are African American or Hispanic, which means that the town has a rich racial diversity.

Bartow is the custodian of Polk County history with its Historical Museum and Genealogy Library in town. Bartow has a number of buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. However what is most striking is the brilliant future visible on the horizon for its people and the nation.

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