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You must meet some rather tough conditions to live in Belleair Bluffs. There are already more than 2 thousand people living in this city that is not even a full square mile in area. All the space available for residences is gone and you can only move in to replace a crazy family that is moving out or one doomed to transfer elsewhere for a job or whatever. Things are pretty sticky with this kind of demand-supply imbalance, and so some extremely fine filters must be applied to keep unsuitable types out. The median income in Belleair Bluffs is below the national average and there are quite a few Senior Citizens and people new to the job market around. So money and wealth are not sufficient by themselves to determine whether or not you can live in Belleair Bluffs.

You must love the Ocean. Be able to lie on white sand and do nothing all day other than soak in the sun. Have an appetite for every new water sport and enjoy fine cuisine from all over the world including their fusion as well. Enjoy pelagic fishing and strike a chord with dolphins. Have the stamina to party in to the wee hours, and shop until everyone else drops. Develop passion for your city and home and wipe the environment clean of your footprints. Want the best of both worlds, living in a resort-like atmosphere with every modern convenience of a major metro. These are the principal requirements to qualify for becoming a Belleair Bluffs resident. You are always welcome to take a vacation here and see whether you fit or not! Beware though of this lady's irresistible charms, for few can visit Belleair Bluffs just once, and leaving her is never easy.

This is a close-knit community where traditional festivities such as singing Christmas Carols and lighting trees have great significance. The city has a range of accommodation from individual homes to apartments and condominiums. Amenities include quality and value shopping to meet everyday needs. The city has some of the best shops for gifts and souvenirs as well. The city is well administered though it shares many resources with Tampa Bay neighbors. No effort is spared to keep people safe. Though the city of Belleair Bluffs is unlikely to face any significant danger in the event of the seasonal hurricanes that visit Florida, shelters have been notified at convenient public places such as schools and the Fire Department is fully equipped and trained to promptly mitigate any effects of unusual weather.

Most shopping and services are strung along Indian Rocks road. Antique stores lead the pack. Posh Pineapple Antiques, Antiques and Uniques, A Absolutely Antiques, Collum Antiques, Merndale Antiques, Victoria's Parlour Antiques and Alley Antiques, can be taken as a sample. Boulevard Designer Clothing and Nicole's Designer Shoes are two stores where you can pamper yourself or just spend some quality time looking around. Belleair Bluffs has more than its fair share of beauty salons. Shear Delight is a full-service beauty salon that caters to the fashion needs of women of all ages. The Imperial Nail Salon, Bonnie's Perfect Nails, the Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio, Impressions Hair Care, Personal Touch Hair Styling Studio and Salon Infinity are but a few places on Iron Rocks road that people, especially women love to visit. There is also an Animal Hospital on Indian Rocks road. Shopping on this main thoroughfare of Belleair Bluffs can take its toll, so Penelope's Café and Tea Room is a special place to end every expedition and to recharge the batteries.

The area surrounding Belleair Bluffs excels in dining. Fresh catch is always an attraction and restaurants with exotic and ethnic food preparation styles cater to international guests and adventurous residents as well. Realtors are available for those who would like to move in to town. Mortgage bankers and Insurance companies are present in the city as well. Rich pickings abound for rentals during the vacation season.

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