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This slogan of Belleview's United Methodist Church captures the essential character of the town. Though some three thousand five hundred people are resident here, Belleview springs to most minds as a convenient midway stop between Daytona Beach and Crystal River. Highway 441 outside town has a string of eateries and there are many more, including a fine Italian restaurant on the town's Abshier road.

Belleview has more than a beverage and a meal for those in transit. Its location on the edge of the Ocala National Forest makes it a good base for expeditions in the wilderness. The Ocala Mountain Biking Association is based in Belleview, and has done much to forge and to preserve trails for enthusiasts in the area. It also provides useful tips and safety information for newcomers to the sport.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles has an Aerie in Belleview and members of this social organization from all over the world can look forward to quality networking, when they have occasion to visit this part of Florida. The Aerie is forward looking and liberal in its outlook and welcomes newcomers to its fold. It also provides the town with the value of enabling people to lead richer community lives.

Belleview has a long tradition in reaching for social change, though this is often through low-profile means. It was only the second town in all of Florida State to start a Public Library. This was way back in 1886, though the present day facility has moved to a modern building. It continues to gently encourage residents to take to the reading habit and has kept up with the digital age as well.

Belleview's Middle and High Schools follow the typical system of many of their peers in Florida's path of seasonal natural fury. Both schools act as shelters when hurricanes strike and they welcome people from surrounding areas in times of need as help. The Middle School serves general emergency needs whilst the High School is used by local authorities for special requirements.

The Belleview Veterinary Hospital is spread over 80 acres and has boarding for small pets. Horses are also accepted as in patients at times during the breeding season. The staff is as caring as they are professional in the care they bestow on their beloved patients. The doctor who has founded this humane facility has nearly three decades of experience in looking after animals and pets and is a veterinarian of eminence.

You cannot be so close to the Atlantic and not have anything to do with water bodies. Mike's Marine World is Belleview's contribution to the world of water sports. It has everything from boats to accessories. The owner family members have decades of experience to go with everything the store has for sale. They are authorized dealers for the best international brands in the world of boating.

Belleview, above all, is a city of Churches and pervasive spirituality. There are 28 Churches in Belleview. Religion goes beyond the confines of worship and introspection in Belleview and is active on a number of fronts of social development. A group from the United Methodist Church, for example, cooks meals every weak for runaway children at a town shelter, and dialogues with them after a heart meal. The Pentecostal Church strives to reach out to all people, especially those who may be new to the neighborhood, in need of help, or even from another denomination and faith. R. O. Varnum, who built this Church after World War II, had preached in all parts of the United States and in Canada and Mexico as well. This Church has separate Ministries for young people, Hispanics and for those with Hearing disabilities.

Residential and Commercial property in Belleview present extraordinary value, though the demographics need some improvement. $ 150 thousand can produce over 1 thousand square feet in the best area for business. Homes with estates over 10 acres are available for around $ 500 thousand. The median household income is significantly below the national average. Only 3% have Graduate or Professional degrees. Unemployment nudges 9%. The nature of the town more than compensates for these economic indicators. It is a great place to visit and in which to live.

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