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City Planning and Development affects the laity, so all of us have strong opinions about it. However it has complex inter-relationships and calls for a professional approach. Boca Raton has shown exemplary foresight in forming the Community Redevelopment Agency. This body has come up with an integrated and detailed Plan for the structured and holistic development of the city's downtown area. Boca Raton is set to become even more attractive for tourists and residents can look forward to a better quality of life.

Tequesta Indians were the first to inhabit the land that forms the Boca Raton of today. The Spanish gave the town its name and the meaning in their tongue is geographical rather than derogatory. Much of Florida has a strong agricultural heritage, but Boca Raton chose to stand apart from the usual citrus and other crops by choosing to grow pineapples and beans. The area is also known for a Japanese community that settled down here. The local population exploded during the Second World War because the Air Force established a major facility at the Boca Raton airport.

Palmetto Park Road has undergone an amazing transformation, and for a change, the interests of pedestrians have precedence over that of automobiles. The road has become a stroller's delight with a neat and spacious promenade. It has added some rare value to the city and given it qualities that are sadly uncommon in many of its glitzy peers.

An interesting move in Boca Raton has been the successful partnership between public bodies and private investors towards making the city a better place. Mizner Park, named after its celebrated architect, strikes a harmonious balance between residential, retail and recreation needs. The locality has outstanding outdoor facilities for people, including an amphitheater for outdoor shows and performances. Walks with plenty of shade and vegetation that is pleasing to the eye, offer superior value to folks who choose to stroll around and enjoy the Park.

Boca Raton respects its past as much as it is committed to the future. The Town Hall was a landmark construction during the city's formative years and it has been restored to house the local Historical Society. Boca Raton has hosted an IBM facility and its first Personal Computer was born here.

The Boca Raton Museum of Art, the Florida Atlantic University and the Boca Raton Community Hospital are important institutions in the city and known to be amongst the best in their respective classes. Boca Raton excels in recreation of all kinds with a well endowed library, lit fields for baseball, soccer and courts for basketball, 2 Golf Courses, Tennis courts, acres of Parks and a 155 seat Theater.

The Dixie Highway Project is yet another commendable initiative that will build further on Boca Raton's march to becoming a model city. The entire infrastructure continues to adapt to changing needs and modern lifestyles. Boca Raton is on a definite path of improvement and unremitting promotion of public interest. It is a template of urban development worthy of emulation by administrators and communities.

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