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Bowling Green in Hardy County in central rural Florida is the just the place to visit to experience a variety of lifestyles and leisure activities. It is a small and multicultural community of around three thousand people. Almost half of them are new immigrants from Latin America and are under the age of thirty. They work hard to make a living on the cattle ranches and orange groves that surround the little town and pray at the numerous churches of many denominations, from Baptist and Methodist to Assembly of God. The level of education is not high as there is only the local district school in the town and no college. Further the new young community is focused on improving their lot by working in the orchards and ranches.

The Best Western Heritage Inn and Suites is a comfortable place to stay on a visit to Bowling Green. The hotel boasts of excellent facilities including a lovely restaurant, a pool and a golf course near by. Visitors can relax in the surprisingly refreshing and uniquely peaceful atmosphere of the hotel. Few can fail to be charmed by the warmth and friendliness of the efficient staff. Just wander around the neighborhood and experience the undeniable southern charm and peaceful rural surroundings. It is an ideal getaway from busy metropolis life.

The Paynes Creek Historic site and park is a wonderful place to spend time in Bowling Green. Despite the havoc caused by the summer hurricanes the park provides numerous opportunities to admire wild life particularly the water birds. It has an interesting history dating back to the 19th century. There was a lot of tension between the settlers and Seminole Indians during the 1840s.The white authorities established a trading post in Florida's interior regions far away from settlements in early 1849.

The Indians attacked and destroyed the post that summer and in order to protect their interests the settlers built Fort Chokonikla in late 1849. This served as the first outpost in a chain of forts established to control the Seminoles. Today this is a historic site and there is a museum at the visitor center depicting the lives of the Seminole Indians and the pioneering settlers in Florida during the 19th century. The Nature Park is a now a favorite spot of nature enthusiasts and hikers who can enjoy walking along trails through the park's natural areas. Paynes Creek and the adjoining Peace River provide opportunities for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing.

A relaxed vacation in Bowling Green can be punctuated by thrills for all ages. It is just an hour and a half away from the excitement of Florida's big attraction, Disney World. For a change of scene and activity one can drive to the Gulf beaches within an hour from Bowling Green. Sports enthusiasts can seek their thrills at the famous Sebring Raceway which is just about 30 minutes away. The Florida State Fair located in Tampa is within an hours drive. A unique opportunity to relish the best Strawberry Shortcake anywhere is not to be missed. The Plant City Strawberry Festival is only 45 minutes away.

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