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The City of Chattahoochee, located in Gadsden County, is situated along the Georgia border. It is located in the panhandle of Northwest Florida. The Chattahoochee and Flint rivers combine to form the Apalachicola River which is the river running through the town to the Lake Seminole. Chattahoochee has a population of just over three thousand people. A significant proportion is of African American origin; about 45% in fact. The community has an income that is on an average much lower than the state or national median.

Fishing is a local occupation and also the major tourist attraction of the area. People can indulge in such activity by the local river and also in Lake Seminole. There are campgrounds with cabins where people can stay on Lake Seminole, where fishing and water sports abound. The site for the RV Camp ground and Fishing Resort on Apalachicola River is also very popular with campers. Visitors can also find a comfortable room at the local Admiral Benbow Inn which would be ideal to soak in the local ambience.

Florida State Hospital is located at Chattahoochee. It was established in 1876 at the site of an old United States Arsenal. The arsenal building was built in 1834 and is located just below the junction of the Flint and the Chattahoochee River. It was also known as the Mount Vernon Arsenal and could command the shipping on the Apalachicola River. It is listed on the National Historic Registry. Florida State Hospital is the largest hospital in the state that functions as a center for treatment of individuals with mental and physical disabilities.

The Lake Seminole is a large lake covering over 37 thousand acres. It borders both Georgia and Florida States. The lake is surrounded by unspoiled forests and is in a rural setting. The landscape around it has rugged ravines, cypress ponds, lime sinks and varieties of trees such as hardwood and pine forests. The big attraction for people who come to fish in the lake is the nationally known largemouth bass. The forests around are excellent for observing the wide variety of plant and animal life. It is also a very good site for bird watching.

The Lake Seminole project supplies hydroelectric power to the region by an arrangement of turbines. It was the first of three locks and dams constructed for navigation, hydro-power, recreation and other purposes on the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, and Flint River systems. Construction of this multi-purpose project began in 1947 and was completed in 1957.

Chattahoochee has lots of churches of different denominations where the locals gather to pray. There are the public elementary school system schools for the children of the community. There is no local college and hence higher education is not a common feature here. The local population is a contented lot and many have lived here for almost all their lives. They like to think that their life in Chattahoochee is idyllic and hence are reluctant to move. That last bit appliers to anglers in general!

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