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How would you like to live in one of the highest spots of Florida, more than 200 feet above mean sea level, with two great rivers and dense forests for company? This setting is not far from civilization, but rather in one of the best connected parts of North Western Florida, with a population of about 17 thousand multi-racial people of average age below 35. Welcome to the haven of Crestview, County Seat of Okaloosa.

There are many reasons to choose Crestview as a place in which to live. The spectacular countryside around the city, nurtured by the Yellow and Shoal Rivers, combines with easy access to beaches, to provide residents with outdoor recreation opportunities that are rare in urban environments. The rivers offer some of the best canoeing facilities in the State. The Sasquatch Zoo is immediately outside Crestview’s eastern limit and has a collection of animals that children especially enjoy.

Educational facilities figure at or near the top of wish lists of most families when they decide on a place of residence. Okaloosa has an excellent academic record in primary education, with performance that measures well on a national level. Crestview has 5 elementary and 2 Middle Schools. The Crestview Vocation Center specializes in preparing young people for careers in high-technology fields. The Tall Pines Academy is a private school that goes from pre-kindergarten to Grade 12. It has served the community with distinction for nearly two decades. It works not for profit, though it is privately managed. The Academy has a Distance Education Program as well. The Okaloosa Walton Community College provides higher education for people who live in Crestview. 16 thousand students can choose from over 80 Courses in various fields.

Crestview has an absorbing community presence for its residents, with a busy schedule of events throughout the year. The Ladies Auxiliary of the Knights of Columbus is especially active in raising funds for the poor and needy. The Kiwanis and Rotary have large and active chapters in Crestview and there is an Association of Filipino Americans as well. The Fourth of July fireworks and Christmas celebrations are annual events to which most residents look forward eagerly. The Spanish Trail Park has enjoyable annual days for children, one to herald the spring and another during Easter. Music Festivals are also held at the Park. The Spanish Trail Festival celebrates European settlement in Crestview; a Rodeo is the highlight of a broad range of festivities that are spread over two weekends from the end of April to the beginning of May each year. Crestview is a pleasant place for dining out, with a number of restaurants. Seafood and steaks figure prominently on most menus.

Investment in Crestview Real Estate is very attractive with 3-bedroom homes starting below $ 100 thousand. There are also some exclusive properties with waterfront and golf course views. Future appreciation prospects are bright, with many jobs expected from new industries and enterprises that plan to move in and expand in Crestview. The city has special attraction for people with jobs at and around the Eglin Air Force Base and Fort Walton Beach, because of their proximity.

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