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Daytona Beach Shores has geographic sanction to stand apart from its celebrated northern sister. This barrier island was incorporated as a distinct town of Florida as late as 1960. Much of the potential of a band of citizens carving out some autonomy has been lost by the 4 thousand residents of Daytona Beach Shores. Some lessons of the drawbacks of thoughtless development seemed to have been learnt by local policy makers, as new construction is limited to 12 floors. However this is not enough to change the incongruous skyline of Daytona Beach Shores, or the dangers residents face during each year’s hurricane season.

Though this town has been assertive in standing apart from its northern neighbor, it is not circumspect about using the best known achievements of Daytona Beach for its own benefit. Many attractions of Daytona Beach Shores are built around racing memorabilia. The island town basks in the glory of the stellar role Daytona Beach has in the world of auto racing. The Community Center of Daytona Beach Shores has considerable space set aside to celebrate the history of powerful vehicles screeching in competition across the sands of coastal Florida. The local Shores Resort and Spa also uses the general area’s past, to attract guests through a Hall of Fame dedicated to auto racing.

Daytona Beach Shores uses its slender form to more original effect, as it takes position as a place for senior citizens to live quality lives in retirement. The Senior Center in town is thoughtfully appointed and does much to lend a helping hand to people who are at least 62 years of age. The Walking Club is the most active part of the Center, with something special on almost every day of the week. Senior Citizens of Daytona Beach Shores can look forward to remaining in great physical shape! The Senior Center is generous with a slew of free activities and aids for even those potential members who choose not to pay any subscription.

The Daytona Beach Shores Administration is smart to use every possible occasion to get visitors to its popular neighbor and elder sister, come within local boundaries to spend money. Some 30 thousand people flock to Daytona Beach Shores during Race Week and Bike Week. Main Street is lined with lit Christmas trees during the festive season. Large numbers of tourists who visit Daytona Beach are tempted to hop across to the next door island for some diversion.

One matter, for which Daytona Beach Shores deserves much credit, is that it has no less than 6 neat Parks, though the city is less than 6 miles long and mostly but a few hundred yards wide. The city has set aside much open space aside for public benefit amidst scarce realty. This is in pleasing contrast to the unthinking avarice of allowing brazenly tall buildings on the ocean front. The McElroy is the largest of the island’s 6 Parks. It is spread over about 3 acres and has facilities for court games and tables for picnics.

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