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The Deerfield Beach has Blue Wave Status from the Clean Beach Council, and is approved by the United States Lifesaving Association as well. Such certification is not easy to obtain, for it requires compliance with a number of conditions related to safety, water quality, environmental conservation and public information. Deerfield Beach works assiduously to maintain its ratings. This translates to a tremendous advantage for all visitors, because they know that they are protected at this place and can enjoy a beach wedding or a simple vacation in security.

The relatively short stretch of Deerfield Beach has no less than 9 towers. Each has a trained and equipped life guard from 9 in the morning to 5 in the evening throughout the year. The guards keep a close watch of swimmers and surfers, and are trained in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. These guards are in radio contact with the Sheriff’s Office and with the city’s fire rescue as well. Defibrillators and vehicles to race and rescue over sand or water are on stand by all the time. Deerfield Beach follows the International Life Saving Federation’s Flag System. 2 red flags mean that the water is closed for public use. One red flag indicates strong currents and high surf. There are yellow and green flags for medium and low hazard levels.

Swimming and surfing areas of the beach are segregated, so that they do not get in each other’s way. All boards must be on leashes and sharing waves is discouraged. Surfers need to choose conditions that suit their levels of skill and to observe the etiquette of their tribe, to enjoy the water without harming others or themselves. Swimmers are advised to stay within 50 yards of shore and to swim parallel to the shore if they run in to a strong current. Deerfield Beach is suitable for snorkeling as well. There is a prominent pier and fishing from its projection is a popular sport at Deerfield Beach.

Sand volleyball courts can be enjoyed without charge and the beach is the scene of many local tournaments. There are 3 spots that can be rented for weddings. Alcohol, pets, glass bottles and vehicles are all banned to promote public safety. Deerfield Beach has an attractive range of amenities that allow people to have a good time without taking undue and foreseeable risks. Humans have to share the beach with turtles and every effort is made to protect the gentle animals and their nests. Deerfield Beach is checked each day by an environmental expert, and all nests are marked, so that the turtles are not disturbed.

Deerfield Beach has infrastructure to support tourist inflow. There is plenty of choice in terms of accommodation and dining. Ocean-front hotels are most popular and seafood features prominently both in fine dining and casual eateries. Residents, local organizations and authorities work hard to promote their city as a safe beach resort for ideal vacations. The local Chamber of Commerce sponsors a Leadership Program to train selected young people to take positions of influence in future life. It is evident that Deerfield Beach has come a long way from its agricultural past. The area was known for pineapples and the rail tracks cut through fields of the delicious fruit. Passengers would think nothing of disembarking when trains stopped in the area to take fresh water, and would steal the fruit without a thought! Deerfield Beach is the epitome of discipline now, and this works to the mutual advantage of residents and tourists alike!

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