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The name is a give-away. You know that Delray Beach must have something to do with sand, surf, sunshine and vacations. Your admiration grows by leaps and bounds when you learn that Delray Beach is part of the divine Palm Beach County in Florida. However the beauty of Delray Beach is not superficial by any means, and you could mistake it for a University of Social Studies when you consider its top achievements. The name is also inappropriate because Delray stands for ‘regal’ in Spanish, whereas this city is entirely plebian and democratic in spirit and character!

The Youth Enrichment Vocational Program is one of the best initiatives of the Delray Beach community. This project has made deep inroads in to crime prevalence in Delray Beach by weaning young people away from the temptations of unlawful activities, and by imparting skills that enable vulnerable groups to earn decent wages and lead respectable lives.

There is a special Elementary School for children from poor households. It gives these young children new hope for their lives by imparting basic instruction, and by improving their prospects of completing High School. It also has obvious and major benefits in terms of bonding the people of Delray Beach together.

Delray Beach does not rest on the laurels of keeping its youth away from crime, and promoting basic literacy amongst them. Some 2 thousand senior citizens from economically depressed minority groups are counseled on how to stay well in weekly meetings. They are also given some essentials such as clothing and taken on picnics and other outings.

Delray Beach is one of Palm Beach County’s brightest stars. Two miles of the finest grains of sand greet the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. A carefully sculpted array of amenities awaits the vacationer inland, making sure that each visit is a grand success. Delray Beach does full justice to the sunny and joyous image of Florida. She is beautiful and caring and smart all in one!

Delray Beach is the only Florida city to win a National Civic League award twice. President Theodore Roosevelt was amongst the distinguished citizens who formed the National Civic League. This body promotes cooperation between people, business and regulators to develop urban communities for mutual benefit. Carefree holiday-makers rejoice at the pleasure of their Delray Beach experiences, but national recognition of its community spirit is more alluring!

The beach has seven towers and there is one in the Atlantic Dunes Park as well. Each tower has at least one lifeguard, and every attempt is made to help people enjoy water sports without undue risk to their persons. Flags with international colors warn swimmers of high, medium and low risk. Surfing is possible, but requires a minimum level of skill and strict adherence to the etiquette of the sport.

Delray Beach has an engaging Japanese connection. Farmers from the Land of the Rising Sun came here about 100 years ago and started pineapple cultivation. The Morikami Museum and Gardens is as much of a local attraction as the beach.

Do not let the substantial achievements of Delray Beach give you a wrong impression, for it lacks none of the trappings of a fantastic holiday resort! There are excellent accommodation options, scores of restaurants and pubs and plenty of shopping and entertainment to keep people from all backgrounds delighted and engaged!

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