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Deltona is characterized by meticulous planning, with abundant infrastructure and careful zoning. Daytona is a largely residential area and depends on jobs in surrounding areas for its population to grow. This aspect is also critical for Deltona to continue to source funds for its maintenance and continued development. It excels in its planned approach by providing in adequate measure for projected needs of its present and potential residents.

Education has its due importance with seven Elementary Schools, three Middle Schools and two High Schools. Almost 20% of the population is enrolled and engaged in school education! Daytona has a Community College as well. The rigor of planning extends to providing for natural resources. Almost 20% of the city’s total area has been set aside for water bodies. The drainage and inter-connection between these lakes has been improved of late to reduce the chances of recurrence of flooding that has resulted from heavy rains in the recent past.

Daytona has 16 Parks. The city has taken care to cater to the sports and fitness needs of people of all ages. A continuous flow of investment projects keeps upgrading amenities in the Parks and ensuring that they meet the best international standards. The focus is on encouraging the development of habitats for many species of flora and fauna. The Parks succeed in keeping residents pleasantly aware of the County’s natural wealth even as they enjoy the convenience and security of a contemporary city. Deltona also provides in ample measure for spiritual pursuits of its residents. The focus on material comforts and modern development has not denied resources for more than 35 Churches to be constructed in the city.

The planning effort has paid handsome dividends. Housing plots have been occupied and developed rapidly. Senior citizens and young professionals with jobs in the vicinity have grown to like Deltona. Developers and researchers from various parts of the US and other countries have been nearly unanimous in their critical appreciation of Deltona. The low maintenance charges and taxes, coupled with easy finance options have made it possible for many families to choose Deltona over other alternatives in Volusia County.

Deltona’s population is slated for fairly rapid growth and could touch 100 thousand in the next 5 years. Mild climate is one of the key attractions of living in this modern satellite-city of the Orlando metropolitan area. Deltona lies at the junction of the sub-tropical heat of the South and the severe winters of higher latitudes. Similarly, Deltona is a kind of compromise between blatantly rural areas such as Osteen and Enterprise and the rush and excitement of Daytona Beach and Orlando. However the prime attraction of Deltona is its visionary approach to providing for the comfort and all-round social development of residents. The satisfaction of families who have already lived here for some years brings new entrants through word-of-mouth promotion of the attractions and benefits of a carefully planned city. The rest of the 21st century should see Deltona emerge as a durable template for other city planners to follow.

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