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Lake Butler is the county seat of Union County in North Central Florida and is home to two thousand people. Almost one third of the population is of African American origin and when compared with the rest of the state the people have a low level of education and income. The community was named in honor of Col. Robert Butler, who represented the United States in Spain's 1821 cession of East Florida.

The New River Public Library Cooperative looks after the literary needs of the population. People can borrow books, audio and video tapes and use a large reference section within the library. The North Florida Reception Center is located here and is the largest private sector employer of the Union County with over a thousand employees. The most popular venue for recreation is the Lakeside Park. Swimming, Boating and other water sports are popular. There are tennis courts in the park as well.

Lake Butler has a large hospital, the Lake Butler Hospital that provides 24-hour emergency services, outpatient/inpatient services, swing bed services, and respite care services to Union County and surrounding areas. The hospital has an excellent reputation in providing quality healthcare. The Lake Butler Hospital and its Ramadan Hand Institute specializes in hand surgery. The Hand Surgery Center leads in the treatment of hand injuries and diseases in Lake Butler, Gainesville, Lake City, Palatka and the surrounding areas and functions as a referral center.

The Rural Health Clinic of the city functions from the Lake Butler Hospital/Hand Surgery Center. The Lake Butler Family and Pediatric Clinic devoted to treatment, care, health and wellbeing of all members of the family is part of the hospital. There are units for Pediatrics, Adult Medicine, Women’s Health, and Geriatrics.

Townsend-Green Building in the heart of the city, built in the early 1900s, served as the Union County Courthouse. A fire in1983 gutted the building and it lay vacant since then. In an interesting project, the community activists undertook its renovation and used the state inmates of the North Florida Reception Center in Lake Butler to work on it. The prison inmates helped to restore the classic brick walls and clear away debris. This project saved many dollars of the taxpayers’ money. Townsend-Green Building is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The plan is to use the building as a museum of local history, and convert part of it into rented office space.

Mike and Denise Brooks own Hug-N-Farm in Lake Butler, a petting zoo that is a great favorite with the local children. A few years ago, they both quit their day jobs and devoted all their time and energy into the petting zoo business. This grew to be hugely popular with children and was included in school programs and daycare programs. They
do not let people feed our animals and keep their animals are very clean by giving them a bath every day. The Brooks also always make sure that the children wash their hands after playing with the animals. These measures are to safeguard against the children picking up any infection from the pets.

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