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Layton is one of the older cities in the Florida Keys and the smallest of them. Located among the upper keys, near the middle of Long Key, it is one of three incorporated cities in Monroe County. Incorporated in 1963, the city of Layton spreads over120 acres on the ocean side of Long Key. It has a population of less than two hundred people, almost entirely white. There are very few businesses in Layton but there is a post office. People live simple lives and tourism is the main source of income.

Locals lament that Layton and the other keys are changing in character and appearance. They are no longer affordable to the family vacationers and are increasingly becoming the playground of the rich and famous with high-rise condominium hotels developing in the place of the earlier low structure family resorts. This is about to happen with hotels like Lime Tree Bay Resort in Layton. This sort of change and development jeopardizes the existence of neighboring traditional restaurants like Little Italy, which is something of a local institution that has served marinara and fresh bread since the 1950s.

One of the main attractions of Layton is Long Key State Park. It offers the most pleasant ocean side camping in the Keys. The covered campsites are located just off the boardwalk. The Long Key State Park is perfect for swimming, camping, bird watching, and canoeing. There are two popular nature trails, Golden Orb Trail and Layton Trail. . The shallow tidal flats and mangrove-lined lagoons exhibit several species of marine life, birds and other wildlife.

Long Key was home to a great fishing camp, the Long Key Fishing Club founded by railroad builder Henry Flagler. Dentist-turned-western-novelist Zane Grey who was a keen angler, visited frequently to stalk and battle bonefish. He convinced Henry Flagler to convert his railroad camp on Long Key into a sport-fishing lodge

Two other popular accommodations in Layton are Edge Water Lodge and Ocean side Isle, both along the beach. Other area recreation facilities include the public tennis court and restaurant. There is easy access to ocean or bay from here for great fishing, diving, snorkeling, and swimming on coral reef that is just one mile offshore.

Other area attractions of the area make Layton a perfect vacation spot. The unspoiled beauty and lack of excessive popularity with the tourists have helped it maintain its simple charm. One can always pep up a tranquil vacation with visits to the local attractions. It is just a few minutes to Holiday Isle and World Wide Sportsman's Complex.

Enjoy a vacation filled with sun, sea, and sand at Layton. You can enjoy biking, tennis, fishing, and wildlife viewing while on land. If water is your favorite, pass the time with swimming, snorkeling and diving, or boating, sailing, water-skiing, windsurfing, or parasailing and Jet Skiing. If you tire of these, there is always scope for shopping, restaurants, and sightseeing.

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