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The natural beauty and myriad recreation options are not the principal reasons to vacation in Marathon, for the idyllic chain of Florida Keys is so full of such attractions. The unique experience of Marathon, which sets it apart from the rest of Florida, is its beguiling ability to transport you back and forth in time. An incredible array of natural wealth and history sits comfortably with luxurious accommodation, memorable restaurants and all the shopping experiences that you could want!

There are spots amongst the more than 60 acres of Crane Point Hammock where you feel as though you are amongst your ancestors far removed. The estate is as replete in the history of the United States, as it is rich in natural vegetation and scenic beauty untouched by any sign of modernity. Professional historians can spend hours profitably in the museums with their amazing collections of artifacts, but everyone can enjoy the pristine atmosphere without any scholarly intent.

The protected Sombrero Reef is even more engrossing, because most of us know so little about life under water. This ecological haven is protected from fishing, and is one of the very few places left in the world where we can gaze upon the marine wealth with which our earth is blessed. The neat and orderly Sombrero Reef is a refreshing contrast to an enthralling sojourn amongst the coral and fish, though pulling your self away from the silky sand and soothing ocean sounds can take quite an effort!

Marathon leverages its privileged site in the Atlantic Ocean to best effect. It is truly a paradise for lovers of water sports, with amenities to satisfy the most inveterate of fishing, snorkeling and fitness enthusiasts. It has an enviable maritime heritage, with centuries of accumulated sea faring knowledge and experiences. Marathon makes learning such fun, that many parents delight in new academic interests that their children cultivate after a holiday here.

Everyone looks forward to meeting Dolphins and to seeing marine turtles during a Florida vacation, but it is only in Marathon that you can visit a Research Center and a hospital that take such diligent care to protect these precious animals and to manage their welfare in professional manner. Casual visitors to these noble institutions, especially children, often become authoritative lovers of wild life, after their rewarding encounters with the folk who work here and the delightful objects of their loving attention. Studying fauna and looking after rare animals provides learning experiences without parallel.

Marathon’s mid-point location in the string of Florida Keys islands is symbolic, for this oasis also strikes harmonious balances between living history and futuristic development, between education and entertainment, and between the old and the new. The distance from the modern Marathon Florida Keys airport to the fascinating environs of Boot Key Harbor is so short, though they appear worlds apart. The tidal flows between the quaint ambience of Marathon, and its expansive modern conveniences, are sure to enthrall you with a vacation that will last lifetimes.

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