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Would you like to strike up a friendship with a Dolphin? Do you love to gorge on fresh and scrumptious sea food? Can you spend hours on a beach doing simply nothing? Are water sports your passion? How about wild trails in the lap of nature? Rush to Marco Island in Florida if the answer to at least one of these questions is ‘yes!’

Tiny islands dot the Atlantic off the Gulf of Mexico. They add to the myriad charms of Florida, and make for some of the most sought after vacation destinations in the world. Marco Island rules over this littoral beauty with a comparatively expansive area of some 24 square miles, and a holiday season population of almost 30 thousand people, enjoying glorious sunshine, great food, exhilarating sports and a memorable ambience.

The most endearing of Marco Island’s attractions for the naturalist, are the estuarine habitats. The mangroves are lovingly guarded by the local administration and State Park authorities, from any destructive intrusion. Our succeeding generations will be able to enjoy the delicate balance of the animal food chain amidst pristine greenery. Time stands still in these tidal flats. It is a most effective antidote for those stressed by the pressures and pollution of modern urban life.

Marco Island is geared to meet the demands of the international jet set with rapid excursion options by air and over water. People in a hurry can sample the engaging flavors, sights, sounds and aroma of this sub-tropical paradise in a jiffy. However, there is no substitute for a slow and lingering exploration of the many mysteries of this glorious island on foot. Such an experience can be addictive, and those who cannot return repeatedly, must pine to do so!

The Briggs Memorial Nature Center and the Collier Seminole State Park are leading attractions in the vicinity. Keep several hours in your Marco Island vacation agenda for these ecological delights that faithfully preserve the wonderful natural history of this part of Florida.

Fine dining is always keenly sought by people on holiday, and Marco Island leaves no stone unturned to delight palates with sensuous and appetizing offers. It can be no surprise that a place so favored by both rivers and the ocean can have such an array of fish and crustaceans, but the exquisite sauces and batters used for fresh preparation are a special feature of restaurants in this resort. The quality of entertainment is exceptional, with bands skilled at setting the shyest of feet tapping. The bars never run dry and are managed by some of the most generous and friendly people you have ever met. Dining in Marco Island is about more than satisfying a natural need-each meal is a pleasant surprise and a refreshing experience in its own right.

The Marco Island experience also lingers because of the string of quaint retail outlets and elegant boutiques where you can find some unbelievable bargains and artifacts that will never let you down as conversation pieces. Do land in Marco Island with a generous budget for shopping, for the temptations will be hard to resist!

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