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Urban development presents a tough management challenge, with contradictory demands for service improvement and low taxation. Margate, in Broward County of Florida, has risen to the top of the pile with sound management by dedicated professionals. This city of over 50 thousand people is no more than 50 years old, but displays sagacity that would do many of its 19th century seniors proud!

The city’s mobile police command center has come from funds collected by disposing off confiscated property. The public exchequer escaped any burden and the confiscations established the rule of law. This is a real but symbolic example of the prudence and diligence that marks the administration of Margate.

A major employer has recently moved to Margate, and there are signs that others may follow soon. Margate’s name has spread beyond the confines of Florida to the national stage, and investors and professionals everywhere have begun to sit up and take notice of the exceptionally thorough and systematic approach this city adopts to planning its future.

Margate is blessed with desirable demographics. 20% of the population is from first generation immigrants, which gives the place an international flavor. The median household income is close to the national average, and over 80% of the total population has completed primary education. More than 15% have college degrees. Margate offers a qualified and enthusiastic work force.

The city has some of the best real estate in Florida, with a choice of downtown and suburban locations. There are a wide variety of apartments on rent and $500 thousand suffices to own a spacious and independent home. Margate is an easy place to which people from anywhere in the world can move.

Margate excels in city infrastructure, with shopping, dining, education and community facilities in adequate quantities, conveniently located, in an atmosphere of abiding efficiency. The Margate Middle School has over a thousand pupils in Grades 6 to 8.

The Temple Beth Am is a full service congregation serving the Jewish community.

Margate’s three golf courses lead a variety of elegant sports and recreation options for residents and visitors alike. The Eagle Lakes Golf Course, the Carolina Golf Club and the Oriole Golf and Tennis Club offer heady mixes of challenging holes for accomplished players, and encouraging practice runs for rookies who would like to take to the game. The quality of life in Margate gets a major boost from the excellent outdoor facilities.

The Margate Community Redevelopment Agency is the professional showpiece of the city. Armed with the Community Redevelopment Act, the Agency has moved swiftly and judiciously to prevent the establishment of slums and other places where people may be forced to live in deprived conditions. The Agency operates on the basis of a detailed 10-year plan that has the prospects to make Margate a star of all Florida and the pride of the County. The Storefront Assistance Program is designed to keep the business district in top shape. The Education Corridor for pedestrians and cyclists is especially innovative. It reflects the indomitable spirit of Margate as it marches towards a bright future with confidence.

The local Chamber of Commerce also helps to develop the city and to attract both consumers and new business. It meets every month and is active in networking. Newcomers to Margate can look forward to loads of friendship and meaningful assistance as well, from members of the Chamber.

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