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Two bedrooms in a large yard with a fence; a real fire place with modern shopping and good schools close at hand; though this may sound like a million dollars in many places, it can be yours in Minneola of Florida’s Lake County for less than $200 thousand. 400 of the 2,000 homes here are occupied by renters, so there are inviting opportunities for those who are not quite ready as yet to buy their own homes.

Minneola has a population just over 5 thousand spread over about 3 square miles. The city name means ‘many waters’ in native Indian tongue and its enchanting sound has inspired the Horticultural Research Station at Orlando to use the name Minneola for their hybrid cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. The Lake Minneola has a principal role in making this beautiful town in Lake County as enticing a place in which to live as the delicious fruit that Florida’s horticultural breeders have gifted us!

The peaceful and scenic ethos of Minneola makes it a suitable place in Florida for senior citizens to enjoy their retirement. The Leisure Manor Retirement Homes runs a private establishment for profit, but there is no reason why private couples and even individuals cannot settle down in Minneola on their own. The town has adequate infrastructure of good quality. The Minneola Alliance Church and the First Baptist Church serve the small Minneola community. Minneola is not for the elderly alone, and can cater equally well for other age groups. Some of the best facilities of the Lake County School Board are in town here.

Word of Minneola’s attractions seems to have spread far and wide as private developers rush to its environs in a bid to expand the number of residential areas. The town’s population seems set to double to 10 thousand. Fortunately, the city administration is alive to the need for matching civic amenities with the needs of such a rapidly growing population. More than 15 acres have been donated for a new elementary school, and the authorities are in the process of deciding as to how this new institution can be best structured. We can rest assured that the search for additional jobs and for economic growth will not lead to unplanned and chaotic zoning in Minneola!

Minneola’s attractions are not limited to being a place in which to live. It is also a favored destination for vacations and for events as well. The Lake Minneola Inn, which is also known as the Tiki Bar and Grill, is a typical place for a memorable break from routine. It is on the banks of the Lake, and a very scenic spot that is perfect for functions by day. The place offers a slip for customers who would like to enjoy boating on the pristine waters. The lodgings are charming with the characteristic style of the early 20th century, and speak of elegance from the days of yore. The interiors are very tastefully finished with interesting artifacts that depict local history. The gracious trees that adorn the estate clearly outdate all signs of human construction by their wide girths. Why don’t you drop in for a tall cool drink, or better still, for an idyllic week end?

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