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Though Miramar has won more awards than its peers in Florida, the recognition as a ‘Tree City’ puts it on the national canvas of environmental awareness. It is a key recognition of the comprehensive planning that has gone in to the growth of this city. Miramar had no more than 200 residents when it was incorporated in 1955 with an area of just about 3 square miles. This city, the name of which stands for ‘Look at the Sea” in Spanish, now spans more than 70 square miles and has a population of over 70 thousand people. This amazing growth has not happened by mere chance, but through systematic planning and disciplined implementation of zoning regulations.

Miramar Hispanic links go well beyond its Spanish name. The hamlet was a favorite with Cubans before Castro assumed power. Even now, about 20% of all residents are Hispanic. Miramar is a place of distinction. It is the second largest urban center in Broward County. The median household income of the city is well over the national average. The demographics are most impressive with as much as 20% of the people having college degrees.

Miramar’s motto of ‘Beauty and Progress’ is more than a nice-sounding label-it is a call to sustained and affirmative action. Miramar has 2 schools in all categories from elementary to high school. There is a community college on the outskirts and a trade and technical institution in the vicinity. Miramar has a staggering 27 parks and 19 Churches that span all major denominations. There are three well-equipped hospitals in the area. This enormous infrastructure has come up in just five decades.

Miramar was founded by a Mr. Mailman, and Mr. Perry from who he bought the land, continued to play a constructive role in helping the pioneering community that settled here. Organized growth and zoned development set Miramar apart from other new cities, and today’s administration carries forward this legacy with commendable consistency. Messrs Mailman and Perry had originally conceived of Miramar as a satellite of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, but their brainchild has grown in to an innovative urban growth center in its own right.

The Wingate Inn and the Hilton are two luxurious hotels from which visitors can choose elegant lodgings for their trips to Miramar. Both properties are well located near important business addresses and feature a host of modern amenities for the convenience of guests. They are appropriate symbols of the efficiency with which the city goes about all its tasks.

Miramar is not satisfied with its past achievements, and sets about redevelopment tasks with enthusiasm and vigor. Parts of the city that had come up soon after incorporation are being built afresh to meet growing needs and the latest city planning methods. Miramar seems set to seek a place in the sun, as the 21st century unfolds. Fidel are you listening?

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