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The History Museum in Monticello has some of the oldest exhibits in Florida. It reflects on habitation of the Jefferson County area going back many thousands of years. It is a striking example of the extraordinary service the town of Monticello renders, quite beyond the proportions of its area of less than 4 square miles and a population of less than 3 thousand people.

You can also vacation in Monticello to bring the late 19th century to life. The Victorian buildings are as well preserved as they are numerous. Set amongst shady avenues and an unusual quiescence, Monticello is more real than any movie set can ever hope to be! You could easily wish that the modern automobiles would disappear and that people would stroll by in appropriate costumes. The Perkins Opera House and the Court House are amongst the best of the historic sites, where visitors can spend many pleasurable hours.

Fitness and endearing outdoor recreation are other pleasures of a Monticello holiday. The Aucilla and Wacissa Rivers are principal area assets, for most of the outdoor recreation potential for visitors and residents is on their waters and by their banks. The cycling trail called the ‘100 mile Canopy Roads’ is especially recommended. Many people love Monticello for its enormous collection of leafy trees, some of which are at least as old as the town. Monticello richly deserves its status as a ‘tree city’. The dense vegetation and shades of bark make for a visual delight.

The rather somnolent Monticello community springs suddenly to life every June. The watermelon festival is pure fun and an integral part of life here. Monticello has celebrated this festival with a parade and casual competitions for over 5 decades without a break. Do try and coincide your Monticello vacation with the days of the watermelon festival. You will have the opportunity to witness the quintessential hospitality of Monticello and of all Jefferson County.

One of the pleasures of visiting Monticello is to stay at the Palmer Place Bed and Breakfast Inn. This place is keenly reminiscent of late 19th century life in Florida, and is full of artifacts and furnishing that provide a rich change for people accustomed to the standard furnishings of our contemporary times. The vast estate makes for many enchanting strolls and small adventures in its green expanse. Breakfast on the sun porch is a special delight.

Monticello is the seat of Jefferson County. More than half its residents are black. Though more than 75% of the population has completed high school, with about 20% holding college degrees, the median house-hold income is disappointingly below the national average. The unemployment rate exceeds 7%. It appears that the charms and tourist potential of Monticello remains to be leveraged fully for the economic benefit of residents. The town is centrally located and served by airports in Thomasville, Tifton, Albany, and Valdosta in Georgia, as well as by Florida’s Tallahassee. Do plan a trip to this wonderful vacation spot and have a memorable and relaxing holiday!

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