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Moore Haven was founded by James Moore. It sits on the banks of the calm Lake Okeechobee, and has facilities that come as a pleasant surprise considering its relative size. The High School has a full curriculum, covering both the Arts and the Sciences, apart from European languages and sports activities. The latter is especially well geared for athletics. The present elementary school is being expanded and a new one is also planned in the vicinity. Computers are available at this early stage of primary education, and the school district has a special record in violence prevention initiatives. Moore Haven has no less than 8 Churches

Moore Haven has a rich and colorful community life, with the February Chalo Nitka Festival a highlight of the annual calendar. Hispanics and blacks make up almost half the population, and ethnic diversity is a distinct advantage of living in Moore Haven. Moore Haven joined other settlements in rural Florida to recover from Hurricane Wilma much faster than large urban centers on the State’s coast.

Realty values in Moore Haven are simply amazing. A half-acre estate on the lake with 3 bedrooms with some furnishing and basic fixtures can be yours for less than $300 thousand. There are many attractive opportunities in this quaint town with infrastructure that can rival many of its bigger sisters in Florida. This has some less pleasant implications as well: the GEO Group has chosen Moore Haven for one of the prisons it operates for the State!

Moore Haven specializes in excellent camp grounds that make optimal use of the enthralling outdoors of this part of Glades County. Some of these sites have rather luxurious amenities, but all of them offer panoramic views and very absorbing locales. The Glades Inn and Rice’s Motel are two alternatives for lodging in the town for those who do not wish to live in camp sites.

Golf is another natural favorite for Moore Haven residents and vacationers. The Hendry Isles Resort and Golf Course offers a 36-par game over 9 holes. A special feature is the canal that runs along the course and the palm trees that lend an attractive sub-tropical ambience.

Lake Okeechobee, which is the center around which Moore Haven is built, is more than a visual treat: it also has a role to play in the overall inland water management of the County. Exotic species of catfish from South America, released in to the lake from aquaria, have played havoc with aquatic vegetation, choked local species and even damaged the banks. It is an example of how careful we must be to preserve the ecology of our residential and tourist areas. It is also to the credit of local biologists that they have identified the issue and taken corrective steps in time. Moore Haven really displays the community spirit and a level of urban organization far beyond the first impressions its relatively small size may convey.

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