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Mulberry may be considered an unfortunate victim of the new global world. US commitments to neighboring countries, and our general pre-occupation with war, high technology and international relations leaves pioneers of the nation’s economy in the far reaches of Florida out in the cold. Mulberry bears its predicament with fortitude, and has not lost hope in the future.

Mulberry in Polk County of Florida is spread over about 3 square miles and has a population of about three thousand people. It has a multi-ethnic composition with about 25% of the people being black or Hispanic. 70% of the people have completed High School, but unemployment is frighteningly close to 8%. The median household income is less than $ 30 thousand.

This is a sad state of affairs considering Mulberry’s impressive record of contribution to farm productivity and to education. Manufacturing chemical inputs for farm production dominates Mulberry industry and employment. Units in this sector employ over 5 thousand workers between them. US concessions to other countries for farm produce have hit Mulberry with a heavy hand, as the demand for chemical fertilizers has slumped.

Polk County has invested heavily in cobalt irradiation but the domestic food industry and consumers at large have not supported this investment with the encouragement it deserves. This has proved to be another blow for places such as Mulberry. Fortunately, the management of the plant has invested in quality certification and switched to sterilization of health care devices.

Mulberry continues to have some of the best standards of education in Polk County, and this augurs well for a brighter future. The Mulberry Christian Academy has 35 students and offers all Grades from Kindergarten to 12. The town’s Middle and Senior High Schools have almost one thousand children each on their rolls. The Spurgeon Baptist Bible College is in Mulberry. It specializes in Theological Studies and Religious Vocations. 35 students are enrolled here, a third of who are women.

The Senior High School has an active chapter of the Future Farmers of America. It produces leaders for the US agrarian community of the future with programs to teach children about livestock and crop production. They also take part in contests and participate in the Florida State Fair and the Polk County Youth Fair.

The Super 8 Motel provides quality lodgings for Mulberry’s visitors. It is a convenient transit point for the Lakeland Regional Airport. It is a good-value base for the attractions of Walt Disney World. The guest rooms are comfortable and include modern amenities that frequent travelers value. The hotel has conference facilities, kitchenette suites and an outdoor pool that is open for guests throughout the day.

Mulberry offers excellent value for realty. The town has more than 3 thousand dwelling units, with the median home value being below $100 thousand. Rentals start below $500.

A number of realtors are available to help newcomers find suitable homes. Mulberry has three golf courses, two of which have 18 holes each. The three restaurants in town include one that specializes in Cuban food. The Alafia River nearby is the site for one of the best parks in Polk County.

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