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How President Eisenhower’s spirit must smile at the conscientious town of New Port Richey of Pasco County in Florida! People have taken the great American leader’s clarion call so much to heart, that they have not just developed a close relationship with Cavalaire sur Mer in France, but work for the benefit and happiness of its residents with uncommon zeal.

The pace-setting example of New Port Richey is appropriate, for it is the largest urban center in Pasco County, with a population of 16 thousand. People with jobs and enterprises in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater would do well to live in New Port Richey, for they are unlikely to find the caring love of this community in the anonymous environs of the large cities where they work. Fortunately, New Port Richey is so well located that it can serve many urban communities as a splendid residential neighborhood.

President Eisenhower conceived the Sister City Program with a view to building bridges between citizens of the world. The response of New Port Richey has been enthusiastic, with soccer matches and many youth exchanges. Adults in both New Port Richey and the Mediterranean town of Cavalaire Sur Mer have also benefited through lasting friendships. The City Hall of New Port Richey proudly displays works of Art from its European sister. The link gives New Port Richey an endearing touch and translates to a broad outlook for its residents.

The city administration of New Port Richey displays extraordinary attachment to the cause of the town and its residents. Florida Main Street operates here, and has been eminently successful in vitalizing the historic parts of the city, with walking tours, business promotion and a chain of attention-grabbing events.

The Recreation Center in New Port Richey is a beehive of activity. There are classes in gymnastics, dance and for exercise. Children can learn a variety of crafts and enjoy lessons in top sports such as tennis. The Recreation Department arranges concerts, shows and other events at Sims Park. There is a cleaning program every six months for the River Cotee. The city’s cultural affairs advisory committee helps budding artists display their work in City Hall.

The local library has got in to the spirit of things and makes a notable contribution to the city with more than just books. It is a center for memorable events and significant upgrades in awareness about contemporary issues; many self-development courses and continuing education opportunities are on offer for residents of New Port Richey.

The New Port Richey Fire Department is extremely diligent and goes well beyond the normal call of duty. Members have traveled to other cities for advanced training in various fields of emergency management. The Department has a large and well-equipped trailer to rush to scenes of accidents. It can also function as a command center.

The Community Development Department offers financial aid for home improvement, better signage and frontage of stores. There seems to be no limits to how far New Port Richey is willing to go to lend a helping hand to its wards!

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