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Most cities seem to choose between commerce, tourism and civic facilities for residents as a primary platform for existence and development. North Miami Beach stands apart in this respect, because it succeeds in playing all these roles with excellence. North Miami Beach’s central location is hard to beat. It is equally suitable as a base for business, as a place in which to live and as a vacation destination.

Entrepreneurs and professionals find the North Miami Beach atmosphere conducive for business. More than 150 new enterprises come to North Miami Beach each year, attracted by the support they can get from the local administration and peers. The vast local market of Florida is also a strategic advantage.

North Miami Beach residents can own or rent homes to suit their needs and budgets from an array of neighborhoods. There are plenty of open spaces and the best of civic amenities to go with balmy weather, and make for great lifestyles. No wonder that the North Miami Beach population exceeds 40 thousand!

North Miami Beach boasts of state-of-the-art medical facilities. Apart from the security this sector provides to people in the area, it is also a spring from which a healthy flow of new jobs keep flowing to the city. The Parkway Regional Medical Center is spread over more than 15 acres and provides some fifteen hundred jobs on its own. The Aventura Hospital and Medical Center and the North Shore Medical Center are the other major healthcare institutions around North Miami Beach. The city itself has more than 250 doctors, 50 dentists and almost 100 registered nurses.

North Miami Beach has Miami and Fort Lauderdale roughly equidistant from the boundaries of its approximately five square miles. You can own a good-value and elegant home, or enjoy a sojourn at a full-service place on the water-front, and keep business appointments anywhere in southern Florida in well under an hour. North Miami Beach has more than 10 distinct neighborhoods comfortably juxtaposed next to each other. Each area has a character of its own.

North Miami Beach has an excellent library with a collection of over 60 thousand items. The latter includes multi-media electronic resources. The library staff are bi-lingual and from varied cultural backgrounds.

North Miami Beach has five community centers, 3 aquatic complexes, a theater for concerts and shows, many parks and athletic fields. The Greynolds Park and the Oleta River State Park are star attractions of North Miami Beach. The Gwen Margolis Amphitheater has hosted many memorable shows, and adds to the cultural wealth of North Miami Beach in no small measure. You can look forward to a superior and holistic quality of life in North Miami Beach.

The dynamic city administration has drawn up exciting plans for the future of North Miami Beach. The Fulford City Center district, built around the Hanford Boulevard, is being developed as a major growth center, with some imaginative zoning. North Miami Beach appears to be well set to strengthen its claim as one of the best urban centers of southern Florida.

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