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Even 120 years ago, Ormond Beach was considered one of the best places to live. Located on Central Florida’s magnificent east coast on the northern end of Daytona Beach area, Ormond Beach combines the natural beauty of wide beaches, forests, tree-lined neighborhoods, and pristine rivers with perfect weather and unpolluted air. Ormond Beach began as a tourist haven for the rich and famous at the turn of the century. Originally named New Britain by early settlers from Connecticut, the town was renamed in 1880 to honor an early plantation owner.

Anderson and Price built a 75 room Ormond Hotel and golf course, which was ready by the time the railroad, reached the city. The hotel drew many wealthy Northerners to Ormond Beach in the winter. Legendary financier and philanthropist John D. Rockefeller, Sr. was one of them and so charmed was he by Ormond Beach that he built a winter home, The Casements and lived here until his death. It is now the city's cultural center and listed on the National Historic Register.

Ormond Beach is nicknamed Birthplace of Speed because automobile racing began on its wide, smooth beaches in 1903. This was the beginning of many racing events and the founding of NASCAR. Every Thanksgiving Day weekend the city holds an Antique Car Show and Parade. On Friday, over 300 cars leave the Casements on the east side of the Halifax River and line up in chronological order, making the Gaslight Parade a history of the evolution of the automobile. The Birthplace of Speed Centennial was celebrated in 2003 with 50 of the world's greatest antique racecars racing on the beach. A new, "Birthplace of Speed Park," was rededicated on the beach with historic markers and replicas of the famous 1903 Winton Bullet and Olds' Pirate.

Today, Ormond Beach is home to 37,000 residents, both families and active retirees attracted by numerous outdoor activities in the Atlantic Ocean, the rivers, parks, the excellent soccer complex, and golf courses. It is an attractive bedroom community with a light-industrial base and good schools. Ormond Beach runs a senior center complex with special programs and activities for senior citizens and is listed as one of the 100 Best Places to Retire. Tourists have a choice of hotels, motels, and timeshare facilities, as well as a number of beautiful condominium properties.

Ormond Beach is a part of Florida's growing high-tech corridor, with an expanding Airport Business Park and Air Park. The medical system in this area is excellent with three major medical centers. The Ormond Beach Historical Trust is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of cultural and natural resources. The local historical treasures include the Cupola and the Ormond Memorial Art Museum and Gardens. Preservation of the Pilgrim's Rest Primitive Baptist Church, now in the Bailey River bridge Gardens and restoration of the MacDonald House, which now houses the Ormond Beach Tennis Club is complete. The Ormond Beach Performing Arts Center provides area residents and visitors with exceptional entertainment and offers theater classes.

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