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Sweetwater, in Miami Dade County gets its name for the pure sweet water of the Everglades, Ironically, Sweetwater gets flooded with water every time there is a storm or hurricane. Originally developed in 1920s by the Miami-Pittsburgh Land Co. as Sweetwater Groves, it could not survive the 1926 Hurricane and subsequent South Florida real estate "bust". It got a new lease of life in 1941 when a troupe of Russian Circus midgets seeking a place to retire after a career with the circus bought plots here. They built several miniature scale homes suited to their needs and for years, Sweetwater was known as the "midget" community. It was a sleepy town with farms and horse stables. By 1959, Sweetwater had attracted 500 residents and had its own town hall, church, grocery store, service station and 183 homes. It also had a two-man police force and a volunteer fire department. Sweetwater was the location for filming the 1969 movie, "Midnight Cowboy."

In the 1970s however, things changed completely when the campus of Florida International University came up just south of the town. The construction of two major expressways to the north and west created easy access from Sweetwater to the rest of the county and this added to its growth. The Dade County's Hispanic community also discovered it around that time and today the fourteen thousand population is almost entirely Hispanic. The desire of residents of Miami-Dade County to move away from the dense urban sprawl helped add to the rapid growth of Sweetwater.

Sabores Chilenos is a local deli-cafe combo offering South American and Caribbean cuisine. Friendly staffers will help you navigate your way through the Chilean grocery items and wines. There is a range of empanadas, intriguing breads, jellyrolls, and a deli case packed with pates, cheeses, rolled flank steak and sausages. Grains and chocolates sit alongside jars of papayas and odd seaweed used in salads or as a pasta substitute.

Holiday Inn Sweetwater is a two-story building with 108 newly renovated guest rooms. There is a 24-hour restaurant on the property and a cardiovascular fitness room and spacious outdoor pool. It offers a shuttle service to the downtown area and the nearest airport.

Sweetwater Police Department created a stir by selling old and confiscated guns a move criticized by the Brady Campaign who feel that the guns will be sold by dealers and "be back on the street." Larry Pratt, Gun Owners of America’s executive director feels the Sweetwater PD policy is a win for everyone. The police win, because the funds from the sales will be used to buy new, state-of- the-art firearms. The dealers will win some profits. Finally, the public will be better armed at lower prices. He believes that Florida is one of the great success stories of private gun ownership. The state’s murder rate has declined by over fifty percent from the time Florida's concealed carry law was passed.

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