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Vero Beach, the County Seat of Indian River in Florida manages to be two different places depending upon your perspective! It is a sublime and elegant resort for those who need a refreshing break from the pressures of their everyday lives. However, aficionados of art and culture would have heard of Vero Beach for its Center for the Arts and for the Riverside Theatre. Vero Beach is the only place in all of Florida that can make twin claims for top listing as both a divine place for a beach holiday and as one of the best places in the State for Art.

Residents cultivate and preserve the deluxe atmosphere of Vero Beach with loving care and exemplary dedication. Building codes are observed without deviation. The streets are botanists’ delights with superb collection of imposing bark and foliage. The sandy ocean front never appears untidy or cluttered, its numerous lodging and dining options notwithstanding. Nature seems to have taken cognizance of the unusual zeal of Vero Beach residents to conserve the environment, because even manatees do not hesitate to drop in when the weather is warm, to take a swim at the municipal power plant. Vero Beach, incidentally, is a model of sustainable self-sufficiency, with its own supplies and distribution of civic needs such as power.

Vero Beach has a wide range of motels from which one can choose lodgings for a holiday. Many national chains have units here, but local hoteliers give them a healthy dose of competition with high-value services that include endearing local touches of hospitality. Some lodgings allow pets, which can greatly enhance the pleasure of a family on vacation. There is plenty of choice in terms of both casual and fine dining, but it does help matters if you enjoy seafood! Parks along the beach and recreational areas further inland, add a most relaxing touch to every vacation here, and contribute as well to the quality of life for residents.

The ‘arty’ lifestyle which Vero Beach so assiduously promotes does not detract in any way from ensuring that people enjoying the benefits of cutting edge technology. The Florida Eye Institute in town is typical of the excellent health care and related facilities that residents enjoy. This city of unending parts also has its own baseball team! The Dodgers are the pride and joy of everyone associated with Vero Beach. Excellent adult education facilities and a Flight Instruction School are other area features which must not escape special mention.

Vero Beach seems to excel in everything it attempts. However, its place in the worlds of the Arts and Culture really has few parallels anywhere else in Florida. The Centre for the Arts is a top teaching institution of renown. Similarly, the quality of performances and the kind of artists who grace the Riverside Theatre, are truly exceptional and most sought after by enthusiasts and the knowledgeable about cultural matters. The local weather, enchanting scenery and beach assets combine with the Fine Arts resources to elevate Vero Beach to the top of the list of endearing urban settlements of Florida

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