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West Melbourne is an excellent example, worthy of study by City Planners, of how new urban centers can develop, without losing the advantages of their parental apron strings. The city of West Melbourne got Brevard County support to separate from the burdensome tax clutches of Melbourne in 1959. It has never looked back in the decades since then, and has grown in to a composite city in its own right. However, it has also leveraged Melbourne assets and County resources for mutual benefit.

The Kennedy Space Center is about 50 miles from West Melbourne, and many of the city’s eminent residents are employed at this knowledge and technology complex of the stars and planets. It is therefore entirely befitting that West Melbourne families can look forward to the best standards of primary and higher education, with the potential to develop many inter-planetary explorers of the future. Academic standards are very high in this area, and there are suitable amenities for the most gifted of children.

West Melbourne has judiciously built a vibrant economy with a spread of industry, services and commerce. The city has two industrial centers which employ some 2 thousand people, without imposing and pollution burden on the environment. The value of these industries can be gauged from the fact that the total population of West Melbourne is in the vicinity of just about 15 thousand people. The Melbourne Square Mall leads a batch of some 14 shopping centers, with outlets for all common needs, food courts and plenty of space for people to browse and pass quality time in leisure.

The West Melbourne Health Care Center is adequate for most needs of residents, but the Holmes Regional Medical Center in Melbourne is an additional resource. There are other leading health care service providers in the neighborhood as well, so that the quality of health care in West Melbourne matches the educational facilities. These are perhaps the most important determinants of family life, and adds up to a meaningful competitive advantage for families looking for a base to establish themselves.

West Melbourne has an adequate range of financial and legal services. Local banks complement branches of some larger institutions, and offer competition as well in the larger consumer interest. Such economic infrastructure adds to the attractions of West Melbourne as a place in which to establish or to expand a manufacturing unit. We can expect a number of domestic and international companies to establish sites and operations in West Melbourne in the near future.

Brevard remains close to nature and offers a tempting buffet of coastal and inland recreation and rest options. West Melbourne residents enjoy quality weekends and short breaks, with many delightful outdoor attractions to enjoy in their free time. Sports, fitness and youthful hobbies are all convenient to pursue in West Melbourne and contribute to a high quality of life.

West Melbourne does not rest content on its many achievements during the past five decades, and has drawn up ambitious plans to use its considerable vacant land assets for future growth. Here is a city worth watching.

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