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There can be no sight to match the magical drama of marine turtles swimming ashore and nesting, with nary a doubt about the precise spot on Daytona Beach where they were born. This miracle takes place for almost half of every year, and everyone in and around Daytona Beach has to be careful never to disturb or to harm the newborn as they make their first journeys to the Ocean.

Daytona Beach has more to see and to do than can be packaged in to one average vacation, though the humbling spectacle of the nesting turtles has pride of place by far. The Beach itself is a major attraction of this justifiably famous part of Florida, for the pure whiteness and fine texture of the sand is a joy to behold. Lying in the sun for hours is one of the best things to do on Daytona Beach, but there is no shortage of water sports and marine excursions for the sportive and active by nature.

Daytona Beach has added immense value to its exquisite ocean front by building a succession of Parks adjoin the Beach, and keeping them in mint condition with manicured lawns and riots of floral colors. Strolling on the boardwalk and watching other vacationers for hours, equals lazing on the Beach in terms of both relaxation value and calories spent!

The first automobile racing was on the Beach, and though it has since moved to a modern track inland, the spirit of the sport never leaves you in Daytona Beach. Racing memorabilia abounds and knowledge of the sport comes as a bonus for every beach holiday over here.

Dining, especially of the casual variety, highlights most memories of Daytona Beach. The restaurants on the ocean front compete with meals on inland craft that cruise on the river, and the only common threads in the great variety of menus are enormous portions and friendly service.

Daytona Beach inland is as enticing as the surf and sand. It has an incomparable wealth of flora and fauna. The history of Native Indians, colonization by Europeans and the roots of the Civil Rights movement are all preserved and systematically presented for tourists who care for such things. Many people are not aware of the ecological treasures of Daytona Beach, and its stellar roles in the evolution of the US as a Nation.

Daytona Beach sparkles after dark and has all the nightlife for which vacationers may have energy after their pursuits during the day. Open air concerts and music festivals greet dusk most evenings, and the place has rich offerings for lovers of the classic Performing Arts. Daytona Beach is almost never quite asleep, and can take on the most intrepid pub crawler! Karaoke, live bands, dance floors and bars to cater to every personal preference-Daytona Beach seems to have thought of everything!

Daytona Beach is flexible in the matter of accommodation. Deluxe rooms in luxurious hotels nestle in harmony with economy motels and other modest lodgings. Daytona Beach is as gracious a host for the well-heeled as it is for those on tight budgets.

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