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While West Palm Beach is open to the whole world for visits, it is truly one of the best places to study Florida's past, while having a delightful vacation at the same time. The city has preserved its roots in such remarkable manner that you can stroll through entire quarters and wonder around stately buildings, as though transported back in time. This is the oldest incorporated city in the County, and has implemented a remarkable concept of neighborhoods. Each section has an ambiance of its own, though allegiance to the principal values of the unitary city is never in question.

Belair is a striking example of a historic neighborhood. Most of Florida has agricultural roots, and this quarter is not an exception. You can still visit a 19th century construction, which was home to a pineapple planter, and then see the gradual early 20th century transition of the district, s establishments of the various service providers that make a city replaced farm lands. The Central Park District finds mention in the National Register of Historic Places. It is a typical exposition of how the Florida countryside was converted in to residential areas for the wealthy. The El Cid District is something else altogether, as it pays tribute to the rapid rise of West Palm Beach to economic prosperity, with a Mediterranean undertone to the layout. This district marks the period during which realty development in West Palm Beach achieved its most amazing growth. The architectural style in this zone appeals to the eye, and it is really difficult to accept that all this land was once just pineapple orchards! Unfortunately, some of the Grandview Heights has been lost to new and modern development, so you should hurry to see the remaining parts, which include some quaint homes. This is but a small sample of West Palm Beach’s ability to function as a kind of living museum, with numerous neighborhoods and entire districts representing individual rooms or halls of history, as it were.

The 21st century is only steps away from most of the historic districts. Elegant bars, fine dining, street festivals and the best standards of accommodation to suit all budgets and needs, cheerfully mingle with honored members of the National Register of Historic Places. West Palm Beach flits back and forth over more than a hundred years of a culturally rich past, without losing its zest for the future even momentarily. This beguiling feature helps large families and groups to vacation together in West Palm Beach, blending quality time together with plenty of scope to pursue personal recreation needs and interests. West Palm Beach is aware of the shopping dimension of holidays, and has a collection of retail stores with merchandise as varied as its entire record of development. No West Palm Beach visit should be over without at least a few hours of browsing for artifacts that can serve as treasured heirlooms.

West Palm Beach in Florida does not have anything that other places on the coast do not, but it stands apart nevertheless. The city has assembled the natural resources with which it is blessed and its history to create a remarkable piece of living history. It even goes a step further by offering a vast range of international and contemporary leisure and recreation amenities, designed to meet the demanding expectations of today’s travelers. The net result is an alluring offer for anyone in the vicinity to drop in for anything from a casual drink at an elegant bar of character, to a long vacation of soaking up sun, deep blue Atlantic waters and 19th century romanticism.

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