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Introducing Wet ‘n Wild’s raging new tube ride that will soak you to the core. This is no ordinary water ride – it’s The Blast. Blasting water thrills, colorful icons and fun sound effects stimulate the rider’s senses on this unpredictable journey.

Guests are left unprepared for the many twists and turns, explosive pipe bursts and drenching waterspouts that lead up to the final waterfall plunge. This unique two passenger thrill ride experience is sure to leave riders completely soaked.

The new water thrill ride adventure is an excellent addition to the already established collection of world-class rides and signature slides located within Wet ‘n Wild.

Wet ‘n Wild is continuously renovating and improving to keep its rein as one of the world’s best-attended water parks. An entire makeover of the Kids’ Park attraction was completed early last year and other popular sections of the park, including the area around the Surf Lagoon wave pool, have been updated with a focus on more lush scenery.

Thrill rides

Wet 'n Wild Orlando is consistently rated as one of the top waterparks in America and is honored by Aquatic's International as the first true waterpark. Having an area of around 60 acres, there are a large variety of attractions at Wet 'n Wild Orlando - ranging from a relaxing lazy river to wild, high-speed body slides. These include:

  • The Storm - You push yourself down into a steep tunnel that sends you flying down extremely fast into a giant bowl that sends you spinning around with mist surrounding in the air as you drop into the pool below. This slide was created by Proslide company, labeled as a 'ProBowl' slide.
  • Mach 5 - Grab a mat and walk your way up a long winding tower to the top where you have three slides to choose from. When told by the lifeguard at top, push yourself down the ride of a twisting, turning, head-first flumes that fall 1,700 feet over three different courses.
  • Der Stuka - Push yourself down a six-story speed slide that sends you flying down a 76-foot, nearly vertical drop that transitions to a 115-foot water runway.
  • Bomb Bay - The ride for all dare devils is right here. Go inside the rocket waiting not knowing when the trap door that sends you down a 76-foot, nearly vertical slide drops you to the depths below.
  • Knee Ski - A cable-operated ski lets you kneeboard like a pro around a half-mile long lake.
  • Wake Boarding - Everyone from beginner to expert can show their stuff on the WakeZone Cableway.
  • The Wild One - Two people are pulled by a Jet Ski around the lake on big, bouncy tubes that make for a wild ride.
  • Brain Wash - Lose your grip on reality in Wet N Wild's newest thrill ride.This mind blowing hypotnic thrill ride sends you down a steep 53-foot drop on a 65-foot, funnel.

Multi-person rides

  • Disco H2O - Start off in a tube traveling through a dark tunnel that sends you down a huge drop, and before you know it you find yourself traveling around a room filled with disco music and lights. This slide was too made from Proslide company as a "BehemothBowl". It replaces the Fountain Pool.
  • The Surge - A 5-story tube ride that carries a 4-passenger tube down 600 feet of banked turns, radical twists and diabolical dips. This ride was made by Proslide as a "Mammoth" slide.
  • Bubba Tub - Grab the family and climb aboard one of the four-passenger tubes for a six-story, triple dip drop ride.
  • The Black Hole The Next Generation - 1000 gallons a minute sends a two-person tube rocketing through 500 feet of twisting, turning darkness on this space-age thrill ride. The Black Hole currently reopened under the moniker "The Black Hole: The Next Generation" and now features more light effects, fog, and an updated ride boarding area.
  • The Flyer - Travel around in a 4-person raft that sends you on on an exciting, family-fun ride that covers 450 feet of hairpin turns and banked curves. It is formally called Fuji Flyer.
  • The Blast - Take a raging ride along a raptured pipeline that will thrill you to the core and soak you to the bone. It is formally called Raging Rapids.

Kids rides

  • Bubble Up - A huge, wet inflatable bubble made just for kids who climb, bounce, and slide into three feet of water. The inflatable "bubble" has had numerous designs over the years.
  • Kid's Park - You'll find miniature versions of a lot of the rides and a gigantic bucket that periodically fills with water and splashes into the pool below.

Other activities

  • Lazy River - The Lazy River is a stream that goes around surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers with old boat docks, rustic billboards, and waterfalls. Tubes are available for rent if you want them, but it is optional.
  • Surf Lagoon (aka The Wave Pool) - The Surf Lagoon contains four-foot waves that roll across the 17,000-square-foot pool, surrounded by comfortable seating and punctuated by a dramatic waterfall. Like the Lazy River, you may rent a tube if you wish.
  • Volleyball - There are two volleyball nets open to anyone that wants to start a game on regulation-size volleyball courts on beach sand.

Open year-round with pools heated seasonally

Wet 'n Wild
6200 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
Tel: (407) 351-1800 or (800) 992-WILD

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