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Lauderhill may not have hills but nearby Lauderdale has no dales either. Lauderhill is the perfect example of how good town planning, convenient connectivity and excellent weather contribute to the high quality of life of its residents. Incorporated in 1959 with 100 residents and many acres of developable land, the brainchild of builder/developer Herbert Sadkin had very few takers initially. It was considered “Dairy Farm country” and people wondered how they could live here. Lauderhill developed from beautiful grazing pastures to a perfectly planned city with single-family homes.

Today Lauderhill encompasses 7 square miles in the “Heart of Broward County,” with fine single and multi-family residences. It has a population of nearly sixty thousand persons of which about 60% are African American. There are a high proportion of first generation immigrants, mostly from the West Indies and Latin America. The city’s social services building is named Sadkin Center. Lauderhill is a thriving city enjoying one of the lowest millage rates in the county for business and residential communities.

Lauderhill grew mostly because of the promotional activities of the Inverrary Country Club and the Jackie Gleason Inverrary Golf Classic. Inverrary has planned urban development with its tropical landscaping, towering trees, waterfalls and waterways attracted people to its high quality living. The “Inverrary lifestyle” became the benchmark for further communities developed in the rest of the city. The Northwest section of the city grew in the late 70s as a single-family home community.

Lauderhill provides an abundance of social, recreational and education activities with beautiful parks, tennis courts and ball fields, and swimming pools. Championship-level youth activities, good schools and libraries, many churches and synagogues make it a great place to raise a family. The Lauderhill Mall, which opened in 1966, was the first enclosed air-conditioned mall to open in the southeastern United States. Lauderhill has a diverse business community, with the presence of business ranging from service organizations to light industry.

Lauderhill is one of Broward County’s finest cities known for its innovative efforts to improve the quality of life, including health and social services programs, recreational activities and cultural events. The city constantly evolves and grows to meet the challenges of the future. Planned growth and redevelopment, economic and commercial growth opportunities, neighborhood preservation make it an ideal choice for living and working. The residents are friendly and caring and want to maintain their city in the best way possible.

Lauderhill’s subtropical climate is perhaps the best in the United States with stable temperatures, cool summers and warm winters. The city is ideally located to enjoy the beaches and other local attractions in Broward, Palm Beach and Dade counties. The Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport is approximately 5 miles southeast of Lauderhill. Port Everglades, the east coat’s second deepest port, is close enough to take of shipping requirements. A network of new super highways provides easy accessibility and eliminates problems of traffic congestion, helping in travel and commercial transportation needs. A large UPS shipping and distribution facility is also located in Lauderhill.

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